Frequently Asked Questions

    What does your typical event look like?

    We show up to your event 30 minutes before the start time to prepare. Typically our service time is 2 hours, which usually gives everyone enough time to get their drink! Depending on how many people we have to serve this can be extended.

    My event is at 2am, will you guys be able to do that?

    Of course! Ideally we would like to have at least 24 hours notice but we regularly do events at odd times and will be happy to come to yours!

    What comes in the smoothies?

    Our smoothies are 100% fruit puree that is blended with ice, they do not contain any dairy. Check out our menu to see the different smoothies that we have!

    Do you serve food?

    Usually we do not, but we are able to include donuts on our menu if they are specifically requested.

    My event is pretty far outside of Atlanta, will you guys be able to come out?

    Yes, we do travel outside Atlanta. For a 2–4-hour service, we can journey up to 1.5 hours outside Roswell, GA. If you require a longer distance, we can accommodate it by including an additional driving fee on the bill.

    Do you have a minimum charge?

    Yes! Usually, our event minimum is $975 plus a driving fee for 130 drinks. However, if you have a smaller sized event, we may be able to accommodate depending on whether or not we have a scheduled event before or after yours that is nearby. Please feel free to reach out to us through our contact form.

    Can you serve special request menu items? For example: vegan hot chocolate.

    We offer a variety of vegan products, including special request menu items. For example, we can serve vegan hot chocolate. Please let us know if you have any special requests, and we will be happy to accommodate them.

    What are your electrical power needs?

    Our units have generators, but we can also plug into your power source to avoid generator noise. We use 240V or 208V 50-amp plug, and typically require 15KW - 20KW of power. We have the necessary cables.

    How much time do you need for setup?

    After we park, we can be ready to sell in 15-30 minutes. The setup process is faster when we know exactly where we will be parked.

    How much space do you need to park your truck?
    • "Grandpa" (truck): 30 feet
    • "Hulk" (big trailer): 30 feet, plus room for pick-up truck to pull in and park
    • "Amigo" (smaller trailer): 20 feet, plus room for pick-up truck to pull in and park.
    What are your drink sizes?

    Our all-inclusive option provides 20oz cups. We also have 16oz and 12oz cup options for those who prefer smaller sizes.

    Can you fit into my budget?

    We will do our best to work within your budget. In some cases, we can serve smaller cups and accommodate more people for clients with a tight budget.

    How many people can you serve in 1 hour?

    We can serve between 100-300 people in one hour. If you have a larger number of guests, we can simplify the menu and still be able to serve more than 300 people. However, certain arrangements and planning may be needed for that

    How far can you travel?

    For a 2–4-hour service, we travel up to 1.5 hours outside Roswell, GA. If you require a longer distance, we can accommodate it by adding an additional driving fee to the bill.

    For services lasting 2 days or more, we can travel up to 5 hours in one direction